SOLD Glockenklang Heartrock II + Cabinet Quattro + Case

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    Glockenklang set for sale! Price negotiable! For questions or offers feel free to send an email or whatsapp @ +31611312855.

    Location: The Netherlands. If needed i can drive over to duisburg/essen etc. Feel free to drop by for a test and coffee :).

    Glockenklang Heartrock 2
    Glockenklang Quattro
    Glockenklang SpeakOn Cable (silver)
    Glockenklang Rack plate
    Stagg ABS 4HE case

    As you can see, 100% Glockenklang!
    DSC_0068.JPG DSC_0069.JPG DSC_0070.JPG DSC_0071.JPG
    We extend our Bassware Line with the Heart-Rock II head. It provides a warm, accurate and very dynamic and powerful bass-sound. One highlight is the new developed mosfet-poweramp with 1000 watts and an extra strong power supply unit, which gives the amp an incredible dimension in dynamic and power. Increased gain levels provide smooth overdrive, if desired.

    The Quattro 4x10" cab was developed of the Take Five cab. It has identical speakers, crossover and internal volume as the Take Five. Therefore it has the same outstanding sound and efficiency. The birch cabinet is finished with a durable epoxy coating, and studio-grade acoustic foam lines the inside. The 10"-speakers were especially developed for GLOCKENKLANG by Eminence and beside the high sensitvity they have a high sound pressure level on the low end. This cab can handle 800 watts, which gives a total soundpressure of 132 dB. The adjustable tweeter, offers a wide radiation of smooth highes.
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