SOLD GoPro Hero4 Session w/ Accessories

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  1. Icculus


    Jul 29, 2010
    Brotherly Love
    New Jersey
    Bought this GoPro camera for a recent ski/snowmobile trip out in Wyoming and haven't had much use for it since I got back. Only used it for 2-3 days. Nice and small. Great picture and video quality with various modes for shooting.

    Comes with:
    - GoPro HERO4 Session Camera, including two frames, mounts and charger (not pictured) $200
    - Pole mount for ski pole, handlebars, etc. (not pictured) $20
    - Lexar 32GB Memory Card $15
    - Extra set of adhesive mounts (3 curved, 3 flat) $13

    Total cost of around $250 before tax and shipping. I'll sell the whole package for $195 Shipped.

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