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SOLD Great and not-so-great GUT Strings REDUCED (only 2 left)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by Lucky Beall, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Lucky Beall

    Lucky Beall Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2014
    Lexington SC
    South Carolina
    NU TONE E and A $75 + $5 for shipping = $80 total ****SOLD***
    Fairly heavy gauge, tarnished silver plate
    no obvious problems but were a little heavy for me
    Sold as a set. Too cool to split up.

    Nice Fat E, Silver plate, DIY leather washer no problems
    Doesn't look like it was played much.
    $40 +$5 shipping = $45 total REDUCED TO $40 TOTAL

    #2 Nice Fat E silver plate with nice new DIY leather washer (not in pic, I just put it on so you wouldn't have to) $40 + $5 shipping = $45 Total
    NEW PRICE $30 + $5 SHIPPING, $35 TOTAL

    Plain gut E $10 + $5 shipping = $15 total **** SOLD****
    Very thumpy farty sounding. This is not a quality string. No distinct tonal center past A and that's an optimistic assessment. Really really fun to slap.

    Plain Gut A. This is the brother of the Plain gut E. This is not a quality string.
    Very big fun to slap. $10 + $5 shipping = $15 total

    Plain Gut A#2. This is a much better string then the first plain gut A. That being said it is still pretty meager as far as tonal center goes but it is really fun. $15 + $5 shipping = $20 total ***SOLD****

    Plain D with short tail. Went on my bass just fine but any shorter would have been a problem. String measures 66". My bass has a 41.5 mensure if this helps. (it won't reach on an American Standard or Moretone). This string sounds good and is in good shape. $10 + $5 shipping = $15 total ***SOLD***

    Fat G or skinny D? I think it is a fat G but it is possible it is a D
    $10 + $5 for shipping + $15 total ***SOLD***

    This G needs love. I didn't get rid of the hairs and smooth it out because I thought you should have the fun. But make no mistake it can probably do the job but is not in its youth.
    $5 + $5 shipping = $10 total ***SOLD***

    Free Bonus: ****SOLD (SO TO SPEAK)****
    2 bad G strings and 1 bad D string FREE to the first person that orders strings that wants it. These may have some use to string up a uke or real short scale bass or to try out a G string (for instance if you were thinking of going that way) but they have flaws that make them unsuitable to use on a regular basis. Could be used for backup if you had to replace a broken string etc.

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    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  2. dB Matt

    dB Matt

    Jun 18, 2017
    Pm sent