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    Jul 6, 2018
    F238E096-8E47-4D2A-92F1-24C356DE1FF1.jpeg Compact, lightweight and most importantly clear and loud Hartke HyDrive 112 bass cabinet. Only 30 pounds, switchable 4/8ohms so you can run two of these for a nice little mini stack. Defeatable tweeter. Used only in a smoke free practice space, never pushed hard. Some small scuffs and nicks in the Tolex. 275 CONUS, 225 local pickup.

    All the stuff from Hartke:

    Expanding on the already inclusive line of HyDrive bass cabinets, Hartke introduces the HyDrive 112, a specially tuned, ported bass cabinet that employs a single 12" neodymium hybrid cone speaker. And to make the HyDrive 112 more accommodating for a variety of settings and playing styles, the speaker has been engineered as a dual-impedance driver, allowing you to switch between 4 and 8Ω impedance levels for additional flexibility.

    Offering a warm, solid bottom end that’s never too boomy, the HyDrive 112 provides ample power handling in an extremely portable, lightweight enclosure (less than 35 pounds). With its 300 watt driver, this cabinet can bridge the gap between smaller, quieter gigs and big, loud shows. You can even add a second HyDrive 112 for enough power to shake the stage at nearly any venue.

    Everything about the HyDrive 112 says roadworthy durability: power to spare, steel grille and inset carry handle. The HyDrive 112 is a ported cabinet made from the highest quality plywood with extensive bracing and dado joinery, making it rigid yet lightweight with superior projection and true sonic clarity. The result is a strong, portable bass cab that will withstand heavy gigging while providing a contemporary and stylish aesthetic to any stage or studio.

    • 12" HyDrive paper/aluminum hybrid cone driver
    • Neodymium magnet
    • 300 watts power handling
    • Selectable impedance for 4 and 8Ω operation
    • 1" titanium compression driver
    • High frequency attenuation switch (On/-6dB/Off)
    • Parallel Twist & Lock and 1/4" inputs
    • 41Hz–17kHz frequency response
    • Solid plywood cabinet construction
    • Ported cabinet design
    • Silver perforated steel grille
    • Inset carry handle

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    Jul 30, 2018
    i wonder what shipping to vancouver canada would cost?
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    Jul 6, 2018
    I could do it $325 shipped Fedex
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    Jul 30, 2018
    oh man. okay. i'm gonna marinate on that for a day. i will get back to you tomorrow once i wipe the drool off my keyboard
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    Jul 6, 2018
    Hahaha! I’ve been there before....