SOLD Helix LT Excellent Condition New Helix Bag Included

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    This is my first post selling anything so forgive me if it’s lame!
    For Sale is a Line 6 Helix LT in excellent condition and I bought a Helix specific bag ($160) for it that I will include for free.
    Trade interest + any cash to me/you if appropriate:
    Shift Line Olympic mk3. Latest version Iron Ether Oxide or Polytope, FMeron or Frantabit (in that order). Hireo BEAD Fuzz v2. Maybe some small multi mod kind of pedal but that’s not a priority.
    Thank you for reading. I haven’t really put in the time that is required to make this kind of transition and that’s on me so I just want to pass it on and am willing to eat the cost of the bag in order to do so. I used it on a couple of fly-out gigs and it stayed with me not under the plane but other than that it’s just been sitting around in its bag. It sounded great considering how little effort I put in and bag is really nice.
    I have A LOT of Impulse Responses that came with it, mostly guitar cabs but they sounded good to me. I’ll have to Dropbox them to you. I updated it to what was the latest firmware. About a half year ago I think. It was a major update as I recall and it went smooth.
    I got it what I feel to be a good deal at $790.00 and I didn’t haggle with the guy so that’s the price. The Bag is free.
    PayPal please.
    I’ll need to find out what shipping is going to be and split it with you. Sorry for my unfamiliarity with this! I don’t buy stuff to flip it.
    C9D85C5C-3C1F-4BCB-9427-04F7AFBF7B15.jpeg 70856725-5455-4C74-9EDD-751612BE836A.jpeg 236D951C-6639-40AD-80AA-4251600550AC.jpeg 84FFDAAA-062F-4A9B-ABCC-EDBE738A6ADC.jpeg 81EA6CEB-ADB1-4503-B3D5-8E35659F3672.jpeg
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    Emanuel Master of the run-on sentence

    This is sold