Hipshot, EMG, Carvin, Schaller

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  1. Up for grabs today.

    EMG Active Jazz set standard Long/Short with quick connect cables. The set is in very good condition.
    $70.00 shipped $60 shipped 2 day priority!SOLD!

    Carvin J99&J99r set. Both are bridge position size. $45 shipped $35 shipped 2 day priority! Pending sale SOLD!

    Hipshot Vintage bridge, Chrome. Good condition includes mounting screws and allen key.
    $30 shipped. SOLD

    Hipshot Type B bridge. Alum. 19mm/.750 Black 4 hole mount top load only. This is brand new includes mounting screws and allen key. $45 shipped $40 shipped 2 day priority! deal pending SOLD!

    Schaller M4s tuning gears. These were off a T-40. Great shape. Similar to Grover Titans.
    $49.00 shipped. $40 shipped 2 day priority!

    Paypal preferred. All items shipped via the USPS to the lower 48 only.

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  2. PM's answered.

    Feel free to make reasonable offers.
  3. Hipshot Vintage bridge "SOLD"
  4. Lowered prices with priority shipping! If there is no interest at these $$ off to the bay they will go.
  5. JCRob


    Sep 14, 2010
  6. PM's answered. Some interest....
  7. I want the EMGs! PM on it's way!
  8. Pending deal on the EMG's.......

    And SOLD!
  9. TTT, couple good deals still left!
  10. gjbassist

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    Sep 7, 2005
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    If the Schaller tuners will fit a standard Fender 11/16 opening I will take them.
    Never mind. I looked them up and they are 7/16. Bummer.
  11. One more bump before going to eBay. Feel free to make offers.
  12. PM's answered. Pending deal on the Carvin Pickups.
  13. Carvin PU's are gone!
  14. Up one last time!

    New Hipshot B style bridge, and Schaller tuning gears still available.
  15. Deal pending on the Hip-Shot bridge.
  16. Hip Shot Gone!

    Ok, someone buy these nice Schaller tuning gears all ready!