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Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Timmah, Nov 27, 2021.

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    Cleaning out the pedal shelf in an effort to reduce clutter before the holidays get away from me. I've got two pedals up for sale today:

    Next is an MXR Bass Distortion. It's a great distortion/fuzz with a great blend, two distinct modes with their own sound, and as much output as your heart could desire. I believe this is the pedal that MXR designed in conjunction with Fuzzrocious and that one guy from High On Fire. which is to say, it's nowhere near as plain as it looks. This sleeper is based on a RAT and screams like you wouldn't believe. Gnarly. $100 shipped.

    SOLD is a Keeley Seafoam+ Chorus. It's deceptively simple- so easy to use but very much a flexible piece of kit. Whether your ideal chorus is deep and shimmery, high-passed to leave the lows intact, ambient and spacey, or not even a chorus at all, it's hard to imagine a chorus tone that isn't in here. I personally really enjoyed the reverb-drenched choruses from the guitar side for soloing, and the flanger and tremolo from the bass side. $125 shipped.

    SOLD Mooer Sweeper. This little guy is essentially an EHX Bassballs with more control and less space- I find that it really nails that classic Flea filter sound, but it tolerates a much wider variety of basses thanks to its expanded control set. This is pretty nearly new- it's never been out on a gig or even a rehearsal. $50 shipped, or bundle it with one of the others for $25.

    These are listed on reverb at these prices plus shipping- so get 'em at the TB discount. Mostly looking to sell because I get super guilty about having pedals that I don't always use, but I'd consider trades for envelope filters.
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