No longer available Ibanez Gerald Veasley GVB 1006

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    Mar 19, 2006
    Central CA
    55CB4964-859D-40DB-B162-41F8E2EED272.jpeg 90454061-D637-4D52-8F27-8CE45D42A3D9.jpeg 35A6E25D-5467-43AD-9470-D66242259C25.jpeg 338CCEA3-F182-48EC-B730-641B46B0CF66.jpeg B90D663D-2768-468D-B24E-28EDF5A61DFA.jpeg 9355DA68-BBE3-4E87-9D4B-EF7A9E86039B.jpeg 5BE8787E-F3A5-40B8-BE46-4615D76A3F42.jpeg 68FA2934-E40A-4DD8-91A3-FE7724425129.jpeg 2D0D430B-2C4B-45AD-9D01-F8D56B8884AC.jpeg 17BECFC0-E237-432B-9D89-E442C002E618.jpeg CACF25F6-5F42-4250-816A-D31B19DE1801.jpeg 9336640D-CD60-4465-876A-04D82895794A.jpeg C8FF9266-2336-480E-9492-623627BA7E4A.jpeg B0DB2293-D20E-4F91-906E-A2FD6148D60D.jpeg AMAZING 6 string bass for the ages...handmade with incredible care in Japan. I have PERFECTLY set it up with low action and perfect intonation within 1/10 of a Hz with new D’Addario NYXL strings...a $50 value.

    This bass absolutely SMOKES!!

    list is $6,666

    MAP is $5,295

    Get it NOW for an amazing discount!!! Don’t wait! I have only seen one of these for sale used in the US within the last two years.

    "There's no shortage of ways to describe the sounds that world renowned jazz bassist Gerald Veasley coaxes from his signature Ibanez bass, the GVB1006. This six-string beauty features an alder body and gorgeous figured maple top, with 3-piece maple/wenge neck.

    The Gerald Veasley Signature Bass has a special string spacing of 14mm at its Mono-Rail bridge, compared to Ibanez's usual 16.5mm spacing, allowing you and Gerald to play chords with ease according to your playing style. Add in the Bartolini Custom GVB pickups and Aguilar OBP-3 EQ and you have THE Veasley Bass: GVB1006.”



    neck type GVB 3pc Maple/Wenge neck


    Figured Maple top/Alder body


    Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay

    fret Medium frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment

    number of frets 24

    bridge MR4 bridge (14mm string spacing)

    neck pickup Bartolini® P45C-B neck pickup (Passive)

    bridge pickup Bartolini® P45C-T bridge pickup (Passive)


    Aguilar® OBP-3 preamp w/Mid frequency selector (push/pull)

    factory tuning 1C, 2G, 3D, 4A, 5E, 6B

    **string gauge NYXL .032/.045/.065/.085/.105/.135**

    Scale : 864mm/34"

    a : Width 53mm at NUT

    b : Width 72.3mm at 24F

    c : Thickness 19mm at 1F

    d : Thickness 19.5mm at 12F

    Radius : 305mmR

    nut Graph Tech® BLACK TUSQ XL® nut

    hardware color

    Cosmo black

    case/bag Hardshell case included

    Buyer pays actual shipping, and insurance. Probably about $100. PayPal.
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