No longer available Ibanez miKro Walnut Flat w/bag

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    Ibanez miKro - Walnut Flat- she has (already had) some bumps & bruises- but nothing affecting playability (coupla dents on body & neck). I purchased a new miKro gig bag & installed a new set of Chromes! (will include original strings)

    There have been comments made that these basses don’t intonate very well... I trimmed about 1/8” off the A-string saddle adjustment screw... I was able to get all strings intonated properly.

    Ibanez GSRM20BWNF miKro - Walnut Flat

    $125.00- shipped CONUS

    D8E78393-65ED-4EB4-8785-31C086B3F499.jpeg 76FD095E-D401-4980-921C-49BC67BBD7AA.jpeg 58D67345-8601-4A7B-AC07-6A28780A50DB.jpeg 5AEE3640-892E-4F4E-87D7-C6D76B92B2D2.jpeg 7508B803-6FFA-4C69-AD82-CFCC8E76CCBF.jpeg
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    Do you know the weight of this one?
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    On hold for local sale...
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    ... Gave to a young man, in church, today! (found out it was his 30th BD) It sounded good on him!! :bassist: (crappy cell-phone pic... but you get the idea)

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