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SOLD Ibanez SRF705 Reduced Price HSC

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by xabicho, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. xabicho

    xabicho Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2009
    Long Beach, California
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    Practically brand new, used a couple of times then got a Boutique Fl, so this one has been sitting in the case. Bass comes with an Ibanez HC of $149 cost Value, Tools, Factory Warranty and Manual.

    From Ibanez:

    Five Strings of Amazing Upright Tones!

    If you're searching for a new bass tone, the Ibanez Workshop SRF705 will deliver. The SRF705's maple/bubinga neck works in concert with its mahogany body wings, giving you long sustain and an enhanced tone. An exclusive piezo pickup system and an extended fingerboard give you tones and notes typically reserved for upright basses. A pair of Bartolini pickups with a 2-band EQ serves up great electric tones that can be mixed with the piezo pickup to create your own signature sound. Find your perfect tone with the Ibanez Workshop SRF705!

    Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Fretless 5-string Electric Bass Guitar at a Glance:
    • Tonewoods provide exceptional sound
    • Piezo pickup system provides powerful upright tones
    • USA Bartolini pickups deliver killer tone
    Tonewoods provide exceptional sound
    Ibanez makes some very fine instruments, and the unique SRF705 is no exception. The SRF705's neck-through design offers increased sustain and enhanced tone thanks to a 5-piece maple/bubinga neck. Ibanez chose mahogany body wings for exceptional low-end impact and rich sustain. The extended Panga Panga fretless fingerboard sports a 30-fret length that lets you play in upper registers usually reserved for upright basses. The Ibanez SRF705 fretless bass is a bass player's dream come true. Any musician at Sweetwater will agree, the Ibanez SRF705 is a versatile and great-playing fretless bass guitar.

    Piezo pickup system provides powerful upright tones
    Fretless bass players are always looking for unique and smooth tones. Ibanez's SRF705 fretless bass gives you new tonal options not typically found on basses in this price range. It starts off with a pair of Bartolini MK1 and an active 2-band EQ, but the SRF705 doesn't stop there. The Ibanez-exclusive AeroSilk Piezo pickup system gives you the killer upright bass tones that you've been looking for. Not just another piezo system, the AeroSilk system was custom-built using plastic saddles at the bridge to enhance the "acoustic" bass tone. You can adjust each piezo pickup's volume for perfect string balance. Add this to the extended fingerboard and you have tones and notes usually reserved for upright bass players on your electric bass. The Ibanez SRF705 electric bass was designed for the fretless bass player who's looking for more.

    USA Bartolini pickups deliver killer tone
    Get ready for serious low end. The Ibanez SRF705 features two Bartolini MK1 humbucking pickups with ceramic magnets. To make the most out of the pickups - and to help you dial in the right bass tone - the SRF705 is also loaded with a powerful 2-band equalization system, giving you complete control over your bass and treble. When you combine this with the AeroSilk Piezo pickup system, you get a bass that can nail any tone in any genre of music.

    Ibanez Workshop SRF705 Fretless 5-string Electric Bass Guitar Features:
    • Tonally versatile fretless bass guitar, with premium tonewoods and pickups
    • Extended 30-fret fingerboard for access to upper register usually reserved for upright basses
    • AeroSilk Piezo pickup system gives you hollowbody/upright bass tones
    • Neck-through design delivers enhanced sustain and tone
    • 5-piece maple/bubinga neck is very strong for long-term dependability
    • Mahogany body enhances sustain and low-end richness
    • USA Bartolini pickups sound big and powerful
    Get in the tone zone and sustain for days with the Ibanez Workshop SRF705!

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