SOLD Ibanez SRSC800 Single-Cut 4-String Bass

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    I need to sell an immaculate Ibanez SRSC800 single-cut 4-string bass. This instrument was introduced in 2017 but is now discontinued, and so with a relatively short production run, may be difficult to find. The bass features through-body construction, with a mahogany body, poplar burl top, and a five-piece maple and purpleheart neck. The 24-fret fingerboard is purpleheart with oval abalone inlays. The pickups are Bartolini MK-1 soapbars and are powered by a bypassable Ibanez 3-band preamp. This is the final 34" scale bass remaining in my possession. I have saved it for last because of the great ergonomics: classic thin and narrow Ibanez neck, good balance, tapered body edges and minimal body thickness so it can be held closer to one's body, and very light weight (7.3 lbs). The only blemish keeping this instrument from mint condition is a very small dent or chip on the edge of the cavity for the output jack, which I've identified in a photo. The bass is currently strung with Rotosound RS66LD (.045-.065-.080-.105) stainless steel roundwound strings, and comes with a well-padded Gator Transit Series soft case in excellent condition.

    Serial number: I160412717
    Scale length: 34" (864 mm)
    Number of frets: 24
    Body: Mahogany
    Neck: 5-piece Maple / Purpleheart
    Fingerboard: Purpleheart
    Nut width: 1.49" (38 mm)
    Neck width at the 24th fret: 2.43" (61 mm)
    Controls: Volume / Balance / Bass Boost & Cut / Mid Boost & Cut / Treble Boost & Cut (Tone Control in Passive Mode)
    Switches: EQ Bypass (active/passive) / Mid Frequency Selector (250Hz/450Hz/700Hz)
    String spacing at the bridge: 0.73" (18.5 mm)
    Overall length: 44.5" (1,130 mm)
    Weight: 7.30 lbs (3.31 kg)

    My asking price is $600 plus the actual shipping cost, but any and all reasonable offers will be considered, as the instrument must be sold. The payment method is negotiable, although I'd prefer alternatives to PayPal (e.g., Zelle, check, bag o' cash, etc.). All requests for additional information and/or photos are very welcome.

    I may consider a trade, but only for an instrument with the following specifications:
    Type: 4-string fretted solidbody
    Scale length: 31" or less
    Nut width: 39mm or less
    String spacing: 16.5mm or less


    25E28A3B-9FCC-4EC4-A742-ADB59F192C27.jpeg 9836D859-CD97-410A-9028-C6F809DCEF09.jpeg C1F646BA-3224-46B6-9F33-E48908177153.jpeg C917CB19-AD68-4438-AD42-1217FB217903.jpeg F319C5E8-9986-43E9-8BC0-1FDAA1901551.jpeg 7EC9E77D-8602-41AB-A604-238752C8E90D.jpeg EEEDC436-BA07-4C61-8BE6-35E6C9FEE320.jpeg 592131B3-D90A-48D4-B2C5-02644A66A1D9.jpeg 10637A27-739F-421A-AEE4-E184B84C50FA.jpeg E1D7C171-4837-435F-88ED-092D5EE64EE0.jpeg
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