TRADED Idiotbox Rock n' Roll Nightmare #6/10 Klon Clone

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    It's called the Rock n' Roll Nightmare, but it's a Klon Clone for the less Klonically inclined. It's the same circuitry as the Idiotbox Han-Tuan overdrive, but this was released in a very limited run of 10 pedals with a smaller enclosure and different graphics. This is #6/10.

    It sounds great on bass, with plenty of low end, and some nice density in the low mids. I'm not familiar with Klons and their progeny, so I can't tell you how it compares to other Klons, but there are demos of the Han Tuan on YouTube.

    $110 ship and PP CONUS. Comes in the original box, but I've lost the Rock n Roll Nightmare sticker that came with it.
    IMG_20230122_172943.jpg IMG_20230122_173156.jpg
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