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    I got me an InCase Bass Gig Bag. I figure it to be the holy grail of gig bags, as it is a soft case equipped with hard inserts...harder than a soft bag and softer than a hard case. The thing has served me well for years. It fits most FSO's rather ably. It is equipped with backpack straps that can be hidden in a zippered compartment and pretty much a full backpack sized storage area on the front with multiple compartments and fasteners. There is a standard, padded carry handle and also a padded shoulder strap. The neck support block is padded and adjustable as to positioning. I've stored a P-Bass clone, a Squire Jaguar and some oddball home-built monstrosities without fitment issues, although I honestly thing the thing has shrunk a bit over the years...maybe my basses are just getting larger. The thing is something of a beast and a fair bit of a unit. The former owner claims to have knocked out a mugger on Hollywood Boulevard and played a gig later that evening without damage to his instrument. I don't know when InCase stopped making this model, but I would no be surprised if it was close to 20 years old. No tears or hard scuffs. It could use a cleaning, but is more of a dust issue that any bizarro aromas or mysterious splats. More pictures are available upon request.

    I'd rather not ship it. Local pickup near to Ellicott City, MD. I take care of my ailing mother, so I am very limited in how far I can go and for how long. I usually meet folks for sales at the nearby public library or police station lot as desired by purchaser. If you are dead set on having it sent to you, plan on paying for shipping in its entirety on top of the purchase price agreed upon, plus a bit for me to scare up some reasonable packaging.

    EDIT: I did some research on shipping for the sake of argument. I am willing to ship the thing via UPS ground. I want $10 on top of the listed price to build/acquire an appropriate box. The package will be approximately 48"L x 16"W x 9"H, shipping weight about 13lbs w/packaging. If you want to get an idea what it will cost, this info is what you'll need to know what it will cost to ship it to you from Ellicott City, MD 20142. UPS has a shipping estimate website and their rates vary depending on distance. The most recent estimate I did was from me to an address in TN coming to about $56...probably cheaper than gas money, not cheaper than time spent and definitely not exactly cheap in general, but if it is your thing, who am I to argue.

    EDIT: I have learned from interested parties via my listing of this case on eBay that there was a rain cover and also some manner of hangar that came with the original sales of this gig bag. I have neither. I did go as far as carefully searching the case and realized that I had completely forgotten about the third, waist strap that works in tandem with the backpack strap...for you mountaineering bassists with gigs upon lofty peaks.

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    For the sake of documentation to be used by future generations, the InCase gig bag sold for $85 on eBay to a person in New York. Shipping from MD to NY was approximately $30. As with all sales, I was compelled to include several random, poorly drawn chicken cartoons, unsuitable for framing or much else. My part in this gig bag's story is at an end and I bid thee, dear readers, adieu and good day. The matter is closed.