SOLD Jazz body #No CNC hole#

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  1. neo 7

    neo 7 The bass player doesn't get a sandwich

    Aug 22, 2011
    Erie, PA
    Up for sale is a MIJ Fernandes Jazz body. I had a Fender Classic 50s neck and a Fender MIM Standard neck on this body and both fit fine. Looks really cool without the pickguard, I wanted to get a MIJ Duff neck with a painted headstock for this, but I digress.

    No bridge or strap pins, and I cannot guarantee the pickups work. I'll include the factory pickguard, but it looks cooler without it. The ground strip is bent and there is some mojo gunk under the bridge. Some scratches and dings and stuff, nothing unusual, but it's been gigged.

    I think this bass was a Fernandes copy of a Fender 62 Jazz re-issuse, hence the metal ground strip.

    Weighs in at 6lbs. 9oz. Balanced really well with both necks I had on it.

    $140 shipped CONUS ONLY. Paypal or USPS money order.

    20171101_200607.jpg 20171101_200728.jpg

    Ask me nicely, and I'll throw in a neck plate with screws.
  2. neo 7

    neo 7 The bass player doesn't get a sandwich

    Aug 22, 2011
    Erie, PA
    Here's some side dings. I turned the flash on so they don't look as bad in normal light.

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