No longer available JuicedLink camcorder preamp/mixer JL-CX431

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    For sale only:

    JuicedLink JL-CX431 Camcorder Preamp/Mixer

    This is what you need to shoot band videos with one camera and get excellent audio quality that is fully synched with the visuals. No more crappy sound even if you are "doing it on the cheap."

    The device is an ultra portable mini-mixer that accepts 4 XLR inputs and transfers your mix into the auxiliary microphone input of your camcorder/DLSR. It allows you to use quality microphones and accept DI signals to capture sound the way pros do - and immediately synch it all with your video.

    Here's what it looks like with a video camera attached. The cable linking audio out from the JuicedLink into the videocam/DLSR aux input is included. (Camcorder is not!)



    The JuicedLink gives you full control of audio input and mixing levels. The front side panel includes controls for Phantom Power to your mics (48v, 12v, off), turn channel inputs on or off, and pan the input of each channel (Left, Center, Right).


    The back side panel includes an off/on switch for the entire device, a low battery indicator, preamp gains for individual channels (hi, med, low), and smooth-turning trim pots to adjust the input levels for each channel. The total output of this device is mix you determine before it goes into the videocam/DLSR. Use your videocam/DLSR's audio out jack to monitor the mix with headphones.


    Here are the four XLR inputs on one side:


    And the 9v battery compartment. Battery is not included.


    Minor scrapes from attaching/detaching videocam show on the top in bright light setting:


    Device instructions printed on bottom side along with tripod mount and hex screw access for tightening videocam/DLSR to top. The hex screw driver is included.


    I am the original owner. The device works perfectly. Aside from the minor top-side wear, the unit looks great! Includes original box.

    Price: $165 shipped CONUS only. PayPal only.

    Thanks for looking!
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