SOLD Ken Smith Burner 5-String 1991 MIJ with Hard Case OFFERS WELCOME!

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  1. Sabi On Bass

    Sabi On Bass

    May 8, 2017
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    Beautiful Vintage Cream Color Ken Smith Burner Bass For Sale.



    Great bass for those looking for the Ken Smith sound for a reasonable price. Capable of a wide range of tones: everything from that modern Evan Marien/Hadrien Feraud midrangey punch to a more driving/bottom heavy P-Bass sound. Low-B is tight and full. Has a surprisingly killer slap tone as well. Low action and a near-flat neck makes it comfortable to play.

    These basses were machined and manufactured in Japan then underwent final assembly and Q.C. check at Ken's shop in the U.S. This is NOT one of the cheaper KSD Burners that are manufactured overseas today. This is the real deal!

    -Very light bass at around 8.5-9 pounds

    -Alder Body

    -3-Piece Maple Neck with Rwood Fingerboard.

    -Trust Rod Works Great

    -Straight Neck

    -Frets have minimal wear

    -Emg Active J-Pickups and BQS 5-knob preamp (Also have the original pickups as well but will require an addition charge of $25)

    -Knob controls are Volume, Blend, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Mid frequency Concentric knob.

    -Killer Low B

    -Black Ken Smith Hardware

    -Dunlop Black Strap Locks

    Also comes with 2 Ramps for fast playability

    -Bass has a few blemishes from normal use over the years. All are very minor and do not affect the beautiful sound of this bass.

    -There is a small hairline crack outside of neck pocket. I believe its just part of the finish aging. It does not affect the sound at all

    -Missing Trust Rod Cover

    $1400 OBO


    Will Ship Safe and Secure With Box And Hard Case.

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  2. Tnadu


    May 5, 2010
    Louisville, CO
    While the Burners that were MIJ in the '90s are really well made instruments, they actually do not sound anything like a US made Ken Smith. Of course this one has been modified with EMG pickups and 3 band EMG preamp and the addition of a 5th knob (all the Burners were 2-band with 4 knobs) so it will not sound like other early '90s Burners. All of the Burners came with pickups that were made by a company in Japan, and prior to 1993 the preamp was also made in Japan. In '93 Smith began using a 2-band preamp made in the States for the Burner models. The solid color models with alder bodies like this one were the Standard model (the lowest cost of the 4 models made) and it was made entirely in Japan, inspected in the States, and signed off by Ken.

    These should not be confused with the custom made Ken Smith Hadrien Feraud Models made by luthier Hajime Hirose in Japan under license from Ken Smith and marketed by Sleek Elite in Japan. Hajime began working with Hadrien on this design in 2008, which is based on a Ken Smith bolt-on BT similar to the Chuck Rainey signature model and utilizes Ken's latest 18V preamp and custom made jazz pickups. Hajime also makes the exceptional Ken Smith Brooklyn jazz basses.
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