SOLD Lakland 55-94

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    Dec 17, 2003
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    No longer a feeler. Looking for outright sale and no trades. Thank you.

    This bass is mint condition and looks incredible. For those that like “classic” looks (non high figured tops) this is as sharpe as they come. All the added features Lakland offers with blocks, binding, and matching headstock. The bass plays and sounds just as beautiful as it looks. This truly is a unique Lakland and a rare find in my opinion with the additional features.

    Here is the link from the previous owner who I picked it up from. Only difference is to get this bass new the price is now $4700 vs $4300 when this was posted!

    SOLD - Lakland 55-94

    I will post some newer pictures but bass comes with everything listed from the original post. (Case candy and Sadowsky knobs)

    Trade interests: I will be very picky, but friendly :)

    Thanks for looking!

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  2. nautipaul

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    OMG... I'm in love with that bass... You may just be making me take out a loan and go it debt for this beauty.
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  3. J.Wolf

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    Great looking 5594! May have to snag some knobs like that for my incoming one. GLWTS!