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SOLD LANEY NEXUS - SL 1000 Studio Amp Excellent Condition 2018

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by ByrChiPro, May 29, 2018.

  1. ByrChiPro

    ByrChiPro Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2015
    s-l1600-6. s-l1600-7. s-l1600-8. s-l1600-9.
    Here is an amazing deal on a amp that sounds amazing. With under a few months of use and was always put in a rack case it has vertically no signs of use and was taken well care of. There is one minor dent which is fixed and isn't noticeable on back but, I want to be as transparent about the amp as possible.

Warranty is available when you register the amp online and is around 2 years.

Included with the amp is everything you need to get it going.

    • FS4-NSL footswitch (used once)

    • Rack-mounting kit

    • Gig ready carry-case(no zipper but closes with the handles)

    • comes with the original box and I’m throwing in a plant waves silent instrument cable

    Offers are welcomed.



The NEXUS-SL's power amplifier section combines the power and portability of cutting-edge Class D technology with the natural warmth, compression and dynamic range that only a tube can give: A high-voltage ECC83 tube sits between the preamplifier and the 1000W RMS power section. A pioneering design solution to give the very best of both worlds!


The ergonomic front panel design allows great bass tone to be found easily. The bottom row of control knobs houses tone shaping: Keep it simple and set everything to 12 o'clock or work through the EQ options to find the sweet spot. Head to the top row to instantly dial in bass-sympathetic digital fx: Space (Reverb or Chorus) and Interval (Octaves or 5ths).


Laney developed two unique functions to control the NEXUS-SL power stage. 'Tilt' is an instant 'EQ seesaw' - turn right to cut through, turn left to for a rounder sound. 'Touch' adjusts output response - turn right to add touch sensitivity, turn left for a tighter, faster response.


The back panel houses Laney's 'T-USB' interface allowing connection direct into a DAW and simultaneous recording of both dry signal and amped tone. The original dry signal recording can then be RE-AMPED through the NEXUS-SL to find the exact recorded tone desired for the mix.


NEXUS-SL has a studio spec DI with a variety of signal path options for PRE, POST or OUTPUT send.
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