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    Oct 29, 2014
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    Hi All,

    Clearing out some more pedals on my way to a more minimalist lifestyle. Here's what I have available...

    Black Arts Toneworks Son of Pharaoh - Fuzz (identical circuit to the original Pharaoh) - $135
    Z.Vex Loop Gate - FX Loop with Noise Gate (tames even the noisiest fuzz!) - $135
    EHX Holy Grail Plus - Reverb (honestly, amazing with bass, but I use the nano version more often) - $80
    Diamond Bass Comp - Compressor - $175

    All pedals are in Mint/Near Mint condition. They all have velcro on the back with the exception of the Diamond (the velcro did not stay and ripped off the label).

    All prices include shipping!

    ~Nick von Nick

    IMG_3139.jpg IMG_3142.jpg IMG_3145.jpg IMG_3151.jpg
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    Even though nothing is marked as such, I assume all these are sold?
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