For Sale Lehle Pedals (TWO still for sale- D.Loop SGoS, Dual SGoS) - green one is sold

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    Three Lehle pedals priced to sell (SHIPPING INCLUDED – if you buy more than one, $10 off each additional pedal). PICTURES BELOW

    D.Loop SGoS - $195
    Dual SGoS - $195
    SOLD - 3at1 SGoS - -$180 THIS ONE SOLD

    All are in perfect working and excellent physical condition (see my descriptions below). I used them very rarely in my home over the years (roughly 10 times total), and maybe three additional times outside of my home (my musical aspirations just haven’t panned out – alas, there’s no need for these at the local Farmer’s Market). If you aren’t familiar with these pedals, please check out LEHLE and scroll down to see what they are capable of. Lehle makes stellar equipment, and it's a shame these just sit in my home.

    These are the “newer” versions (if you look at Reverb, there are some that are a prior-looking model). There is Velcro on the bottoms of each (as pictured). I only have ONE set of four tiny rubber feet - first dibs on those. Directions (more like books) for each are available for download/printing online.

    The YELLOW one - Lehle D.Loop SGoS, with box and directions - $195. One side has a slight scratch, and the other looks as if some red paint is coming through.

    yellow top.JPG

    yellow front.JPG

    yellow side.JPG

    yellow side 2.JPG

    yellow bottom 2.JPG

    yellow bottom.JPG

    The RED one - Lehle Dual SGoS, with "wrong" box - $195. One side has a few scratches.

    red top.JPG

    red front.JPG

    red top angle.JPG

    red side.JPG

    red bottom.JPG

    The GREEN one IS SOLD– Lehle 3at1 SGoS, but no box - $180. Slight wear on the silver push tabs on top, a little scratch on the “E” and the gray side has a slight scratch.

    green top.JPG

    green front.JPG

    green top side.JPG

    green bottom.JPG

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    I have the D Loop and it has been the heart of my board(s) since 2016. Super versatile and programming is a cinch.

    Good price, Brand New these run $350

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    Dang, these don't come up often, especially not at this price. GLWTS
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