SOLD Line 6 Variax 705 Modeling 5-string Bass

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  1. ChrisWright


    Oct 6, 2017
    Southern FL
    Piezo digital pickup system and (updatable) software modeling for 24 of the most desired bass guitars of all time. Vintage, modern, hollow body, acoustic, upright, synth and other sounds including four different Fender Jazz models (including Jaco’s fretless), McCartney’s Hoffner and Ric, Steinberger XL2, Stingray (string spacing is perfect for slapping), eight and 12 string basses, Danelectro, Chris Squire Rickenbacker, synthesizer basses, double bass, and many more. Plus, you can adjust the pickup placement and select either round or flat wound ‘virtually’! You can also further edit the sounds as well as adjust the built-in tones to your satisfaction.

    This is the most versatile bass you will ever own. Runs on 9V, AA, or powered by external power module (2 of these included, only one pictured).

    The guitar is very clean, and the neck is straight and has never been adjusted (100% truss life remaining). There is one issue (does not affect operation) having to do with Line 6 port that I will be glad to discuss with serious buyer. Overall this is in excellent condition.

    My price does not include shipping. Paypal is best.
    • Color: Black body with custom pick guard (did not like the original – have had many compliments on the replacement I put in). Very good condition.
    • Body Style: Similar to Fender P-Bass body and head stock appearance
    • Neck: Maple neck
    • Body: Alder body
    • Number of Frets: 21 fret rosewood fretboard
    • Tuners: Sealed chrome tuners
    • Gig Bag: Custom fitted gig bag
    • Accessories:
      • Two (2) Line 6 cables
      • AA battery pack
      • Two (2) external power supplies (1 shown, 2 included!)
      • Operators manual (not pictured)
    Look at any of the YouTube demonstrations for this bass and you will be impressed. I’m no longer playing five string basses, or I would probably keep this bass for the rest of my life. The tones are really incredible, and the variety and versatility of this guitar is unmatched in my opinion. I liked it so much I purchased the four-string version a few years back and I'm now selling this 705 along with my other five-string basses.

    From the manufacturer:
    Variax Bass 705 Models based on*:
    1961 Fender® Jazz Bass®
    1960 Fender® Jazz Bass® with flatwound strings
    2004 Fender® Deluxe Jazz Bass®
    1961 Fretless Fender® Jazz Bass®
    1963 Fender® Precision Bass®
    1958 Fender® Precision Bass® with flatwound strings
    1977 Music Man® Sting Ray®
    2003 Modulus® Flea Bass
    1971 Rickenbacker® 4001
    1963 Rickenbacker® 4001 with flatwound strings
    1966 Danelectro® Longhorn Bass
    1963 Höfner® Model 500/1 with flatwound strings
    1963 Gibson® Thunderbird 4
    1966 Gibson® EB-2D with flatwound strings
    2002 MTD® 535 35-inch scale
    2003 Warwick® Thumb
    1978 Alembic Long Scale
    1984 Steinberger® XL2
    1968 Hagström® H8
    1994 Hamer® B12A
    2003 Tacoma® Thunderchief
    1949 Kay® M-1
    1 other inspired by classic Moog MiniMoog bass sounds
    1 other inspired by modern bass synth sounds

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  2. Henry Harvey

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    Jan 16, 2015
    Douglass, Ks.
    Is this bass available?
  3. ChrisWright


    Oct 6, 2017
    Southern FL
    Marked “SOLD”’above bro.

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