No longer available Loop Master A/B clean / dirty and single loop switcher boxes

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    Vertical orientation A/B looper with with side jacks
    Great to use for clean / dirty with a fuzz in one and on OD in the other set to unity gain to seamlessly switch between effects in a single stomp. No bypass switch on this one just A/B flip/flop functionality from the footswitch.

    Single loop mini
    The smaller box is a single loop which can be used for bunching up effects in a single stomp or for something like a crybaby that may be difficult to engage during performance.

    $35 each shipped USPS First Class in a padded envelope

    L_01.jpg L_02.jpg L_03.jpg

    Price includes shipping, PayPal payment only, no international sales / shipping
    PayPal or questions to: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com - Thanks!
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