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For Sale Marshall 1999 Plexi Super Lead MKII 100W

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Jbyjnkx57, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Jbyjnkx57


    Jan 24, 2011
    Adrian Mi 49221
    416CE4A1-B214-48A3-A516-A4DC4A539D75.jpeg Hey guys, just getting back into TalkBass!

    For sale is my 1999 Marshall Plexi Super Lead 100W MK2. Made like the original 50s super lead, this amp is KILLER. Made in England!! Selectable impedance between 4ohm, 8ohm, and 16ohm, and also selectable voltage.

    It’s loaded with EL34s, and 12AX7s for pre-amp tubes as shown in the pics.

    This head is in great working condition but does have some cosmetic damage. The tolex is torn on one of the bottom edges but as you can see it’s purely cosmetic, every function on this amp works well. If you’re looking for huge organic Marshall tone, look no further.

    Serial is:


    In case you want to do some research for your own.

    Sad to see this go but need the money unfortunately. Please let me know if you have any questions or need extra pics. No returns, sold as is, and no international shipping but will ship ConUs for $110! Thanks and good luck! PayPal only please!

    416CE4A1-B214-48A3-A516-A4DC4A539D75.jpeg 4B72301B-4516-4D29-8641-3C37A98626CD.jpeg 89392107-4464-4116-8CDD-07DC1C13E4BD.jpeg CCA81A8B-A16C-4974-9B25-EFCF867F349F.jpeg CDEA9EE1-0B4F-4836-8358-CE8428F72A7B.jpeg BC3B7BCA-0C2D-48F1-BF16-41945B3AFCE6.jpeg FC066D4C-FF20-43F3-A4F4-887535A89E6C.jpeg BDCCFD13-0B94-45F8-AB1C-9B134024C382.jpeg 1EBDBC41-0AF7-401F-8D32-420228EC0176.jpeg
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