TRADED McRuiz Draco 5 string Custom

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  1. WarwickThunder


    Jun 10, 2013
    Allen, TX
    Hello TBers!!!
    I brought to you one of the sickest and craziest designs you will ever seen!
    Inspired on the 80s designs, such as Kramer and BC Rich, with a modern touch, and all the advantages and techniques that have been developed over the years. This is indeed one fine piece of art, with all the bells and whistles you will expect in a modern era bass. This is the Mcruiz Draco, a 5 string custom bass. The story behind the name is because it reminds me of Dragon Scales.

    The bass was ordered with the following specs:

    Body:Mahogany and ecopoxy Green Transluscent resin
    Construction: bolt on
    Neck: Flamed maple and Purple Heart with ziricote fingerboard
    Radius :20"
    Electronics: Delano Xtender Quadcoils
    Preamp: Delano Sonar 3 band with mid freq selection. Active/passive with Gotoh knobs
    Bridge:Kahler tremolo
    Tuners: sperzel
    Spacing 18mm
    Scale: 34"
    Finish: Candy Blue Night color with Green Translucent ecopoxy in High Gloss

    weights about 9.5 pounds.
    Comes in a black Mono Vertigo case

    McRuiz Basses

    This build was finished last year, and it cost 3000USD + the vertigo monocase+shipping and import taxes. It took over a year in the makes because of the design and the details required to do it.
    if you have any inquiries about it, please send me a PM and I will happily answer it

    Shipping included
    Price OBO

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  2. CryingBass

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Sick. In a great way!
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