SOLD Mesa Prodigy Four:88

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    Mesa Prodigy Four:88 in good condition. I say "good" condition because even though it is 100% functional and close to that cosmetically, the LEDs in the middle portion flicker a little bit (though stay mostly on). They were that way when I bought it and it seemed like an easy enough fix, but it ended up not bothering me so I left it.

    This is one of the most versatile and elegant amps you can buy. The form factor is unbeatable for what you get. This is the newer version with the pull-boost feature on the gain knob. There is a lot of room for tone sculpting in just the input switch and gain knob, even before you get into the EQ and voicing knobs. The videos below the pictures really highlight the range of tones it can produce.

    I bought it from the original owner, who bought it in 2016, so there should still be several years left on the warranty. It's boxed up and ready to go in the original Mesa packaging. I will pull the tubes and package them separately (within the same box) just to be safe.

    Any questions just let me know. Thanks for looking!

    Mesa Prodigy -- 1.JPG Mesa Prodigy -- 2.JPG Mesa Prodigy -- 3.JPG Mesa Prodigy -- 4.JPG

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  2. Just a heads up that my next window to ship will be next Friday, Dec 29.

    After Jan 2 I can ship any weekday.
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    Nov 21, 2011
    PM sent
  4. All PM's replied promptly! Lots of nibbles on this bad boy but no firm takers.

    I've had some intriguing trade offers, but I'm primarily looking for a straight sale. I don't want to discourage any serious offers, but keep in mind I'm a lefty and I just took possession of my ordered-new dream bass :)
  5. Sale pending....
  6. ....and SOLD. Thanks, Craig!