No longer available Mesa Scout Combo 12” 4 ohm

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    F2FE9575-3372-4258-B01C-5324308A2450.jpeg 9DF96AA0-974E-4FF2-A016-BCA0F808AD81.jpeg Since I purchased a new black top version, I am selling my trusty old Mesa Scout combo. It’s the 4 ohm 12” version. It has the original nylon cover. This is a first generation Scout. I purchased this amp when they first hit the streets. There was a recall early on which I had promptly serviced by Dennis Kager at Central Jersey Music.
    I have played countless shows including last night 1/19/18 with this amp so although very clean for its age it does show signs of normal wear.
    A minor cosmetic issue...The handle is separating..I ordered a replacement from Mesa and I will include it in this sale. This amp has many miles on it hence the low price. It has the original speaker and tube.
    I will ship in two pieces..cabinet in one box and head in second box.
    I would sell the head separately if the right offer came in.
    575.00 plus freight

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    killer price! wish i had the need. i have black top version and its great!
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    Jan 23, 2012
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  4. This should fly!
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