SOLD MIJ Fender Fretless P/J - Roadworn!

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    Up for sale for you guys is a fretless Fender P/J bass made in Japan. This is very similar to a Jazz Bass Special; it has a super comfortable neck that's between a jazz and precision profile, has lots of "mwah" and sounds fantastic. It has got individual volume knobs for each pickup and a 3-way pickup selector switch. With the current strings it has that aggressive fretless growl and tone that reminds me of a Pino-esque sound or a fretless Stingray.

    I've only owned it for about two months but I simply don't play fretless like I thought I would, especially because my needs have changed after joining a new band.

    It originally started life as a fretted bass, but was defretted professionally some time before I got it. The fingerboard was filled in with black lines so they are not very noticeable from afar but are nicely visible to the player. It has a lot of "mojo" on it -- I personally have not added any wear to it -- and I've pictured most of the big spots below. None of the wear affects the functionality of the bass, everything works perfectly. As well, I find I don't even notice the wear when I'm playing -- the marks along the cutaway/forearm rest area are very shallow and do not cause any discomfort when playing... in fact, to me the wear makes the bass look more bad@$$.

    Weight is about 8.8 lbs, balances really well.

    Overall, this is one heck of a bass. Total tone monster, can get cool fusion and metal tones with that fretless touch. I would keep it but it is just not getting played like it should be, and I also need some funds for a new head and cabinet.

    Price: Asking $650, looking to split exact price of CONUS shipping with buyer 50-50. Local pick up also works (and is of course preferable).

    Please feel free to PM me with any questions or additional pictures! Thanks for looking! :)

    20210909_205259.jpg 20210909_205153.jpg 20210909_205336.jpg 20210909_205616.jpg 20210909_205539.jpg 20210909_204853.jpg 20210909_205659.jpg
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    My old bass! This is a great one. GLWTS bump.
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