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SOLD MINT Condition Cusack Pedal Board Tamer 'PBT9' Looper/Switcher

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by NickNardone, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Price:
    Hey guys. I'm the original owner of this bad boy and I FREAKING LOVE IT. The only reason I'm selling this is to go to 6 loop version (PBT6) instead of this 9 loop version.

    This is in perfect, brand new condition. It comes from a pet free, smoke free, kid free home, always kept in AC.

    Includes original color printed instruction booklet that is the best product manual Ive ever read. This looper is by far the most user friendly looper on the market. Every aspect of it is amazing including the company who makes it and their customer support.

    I'm selling at a great price of $450 SHIPPED priority mail. This sells for $575+shipping new.

    Watch a couple videos on how easy this thing is to use and setup and you'll want one. It happened to me. Be careful!

    Thanks dudes.

    IMG_6735.JPG IMG_6736.JPG IMG_6737.JPG IMG_6738.JPG IMG_6739.JPG IMG_6740.JPG IMG_6741.JPG IMG_6742.JPG IMG_6743.JPG IMG_6745.JPG
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  2. Hey guys, I dropped the price, still available.
  3. Sold. Thanks guys.
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