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SOLD MK STUDIO FLY-P EUB (Free shipping)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by vchcardozo, Sep 8, 2022.

  1. Price:
    I'm selling this amazing bass.

    MK Bass Studio Fly-P

    I'm very happy with this instrument, but I won't play for a long time so it's time let it go.

    It's the detachable neck model, great for gigging and travelling.

    In addition, it's has a "improvement": I did invest some extra hundreds dollars
    and was built with ebony fingerboard and nut. (The standard model is ebonized pear fingerboard)

    The bass has marks and scuffs of normal use. But it's in very good shape.

    Size: 3/4
    D neck.

    Price is $2350, UPS ground shipping is included (CONUS only).

    I accept Zelle and Paypal.

    Sorry, NO trades.


    3/4 instrument.
    Fingerboard in ebony
    Neck in maple.
    Body in poplar or linden.
    Real bridge of the acoustic double bass in maple.
    Adjustable action with appropriate screws behind the instrument.
    Electronic piezo passive(P).
    Removable frames in real size of the acoustic double bass.
    Retractable tip inside the instrument.
    Instrument padded case.
    Tripod to rest the instrument when not playing.
    Strings set D'Addario Helicore Hybrid medium.

    20220907_180337_resultado.jpg 20220907_180358_resultado.jpg 20220907_180409_resultado.jpg 20220907_180417_resultado.jpg 20220907_180431_resultado.jpg 20220907_180442_resultado.jpg 20220907_180503_resultado.jpg 20220907_180526_resultado.jpg 20220907_180555_resultado.jpg 20220907_180604_resultado.jpg 20220907_180623_resultado.jpg 20220907_180638_resultado.jpg 20220907_180644_resultado.jpg 20220907_180702_resultado.jpg 20220907_180712_resultado.jpg 20220907_180721_resultado.jpg 20220907_180733_resultado.jpg 20220907_180803_resultado.jpg 20220907_180830_resultado.jpg 20220907_180937_resultado.jpg 20220907_181006_resultado.jpg 20220907_181048_resultado.jpg 20220907_181056_resultado.jpg 20220907_181514_resultado.jpg 20220907_181529_resultado.jpg 20220907_181638_resultado.jpg 20220907_182447_resultado.jpg 20220907_182555_resultado.jpg 20220907_183447_resultado.jpg 20220907_183520_resultado.jpg 20220907_183545_resultado.jpg
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  2. Here a demo video. Is not my bass but is exactly the model I'm selling.