SOLD Mogami Platinum Patch Pedal Effects Cable - 11" Inches with dual Angled Connectors

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    For sale is a MINT Mogami Platinum 01RR Patch Cable which is 11" Inches in length with dual 90 degree angled connectors. I purchased this cable brand new, but then I ended up selling the preamp I was going to use it with. As such, it is basically New. Specifications from the Mogami website are shown below. I’m asking $35 including shipping to the CONUS with payment via PayPal. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!

    2D06E1A5-7678-4269-8385-01C21B2EAF28.jpeg 9D8D8AC5-6729-4390-85B0-B0F9CED73F90.jpeg 65F14003-7809-49ED-AF4B-29FF08BD8F15.jpeg

    Mogami Platinum Guitar - 01RR Overview:

    This Mogami Platinum Series TS 1/4" Angled Male to TS 1/4" Angled Male Guitar Cable is a premium quality guitar cable using Mogami 20 AWG OFC (oxygen-free copper) cabling, for the highest level of transparency, purity, and power.

    Mogami Platinum Guitar 01RR Patch Cable (11' inches)

    • Neglex ™ OFC (oxygen-free copper) core for the highest level of transparency
    • Extremely low capacitance for extended high end
    • Carbon impregnated PVC eliminates vibration-induced noise
    • Gold-plated, copper core, corrosion-resistant connections
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