SOLD Moog Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux

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    ED66246E-CD31-4B49-869F-1340DBDA1C1A.png Rare MF-108m Moogerfooger Clusterflux

    the best analog chorus/flange out there.

    they made a short run of this Conor scheme and haven't since. It looks awesome.

    It currently has 2 temple pedal plates on the bottom. Let me know and I can take them off, or leave them if you have a temple board.

    this things sounds incredible, live and in the studio!

    Power supply included

    $420 shipped conus
    Trades for P bass plus cash
    American or Mexican
    Mini tuners - TC noir or the research one
    Minifooger chorus

    the pictures are from my reverb ad.

    thanks for looking.
    D0078C1C-05A4-4238-A616-6E8377E25061.png 28C2399E-4C74-4736-825E-0E406FBE6CBB.png
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