For Sale Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal Controller - rare & discontinued!

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    This classic Moog is super rare and discontinued. There is nothing out there with this same functionality. $600 (NO TRADES). Despite some nicks here and there from spending time as a floor pedal, this beast functions perfectly and is extremely well built. I spoke with the Moog folks at NAMM who confirmed that they are built like tanks, and should anything go wrong, they said just send it in and their engineers know how to fix any problems with it. If you are reading this, you know what it can do, but if on...

    The Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal controller puts signal and MIDI control at your feet! This rugged unit includes four footswitches and an "accellerator-pedal-style" controller pedal that allows an incredible range of parameter and signal control. The MP-201 features four analog control outputs, and USB MIDI connectivity. You can program outputs individually for command over analog control voltages, LFO waveforms, and gate voltages. You also get several modes of operation from the Moog-201 Multi-Pedal to bring the most out of your synth!

    Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal Foot Controller at a Glance:

    Programmable and flexible
    Five modes of operation
    Programmable and flexible
    The Multi-Pedal is a programmable four channel CV/MIDI foot pedal controller. It has four analog control outputs, MIDI I/O, and USB connectivity (MIDI over USB). It can transmit controller information on up to 4 MIDI channels and CV outputs simultaneously. Each CV output can be programmed individually. Signals can be foot pedal controlled analog control voltages with +/-5V limits, LFO waveforms or GATE voltages (0V=Off,+5V=ON). In addition, each channel can output MIDI CC's over specified MIDI channels simultaneously with the analog CV outputs.

    Five modes of operation
    The MP-201 Multi-Pedal gives you five modes of operation: Single Channel Mode, Quad Channel Mode, Preset Mode, Edit Mode, and Utilities Mode. Single Channel Mode uses the footswitches to select programs, channels, turn on/off channels, select tap tempo function, enter tap tempo. Quad Channel Mode turns channels 1-4 on/off with footswitches 1-4 and uses the footpedal as an expression pedal for channels 1 to 4 simultaneously. Preset Mode defines the user programmable presets. A collection of 4 programmed channels is a preset and there are 100 editable presets. Edit Mode programs the preset mode. Utilities Mode accesses the utilities menu for non-preset related functions, such as SysEx dump, firmware upgrades, restoration of factory settings, and calibration.

    You get a variety of output signal options with the MP-201, allowing you to control the LFO of user programmed rate, amount, and waveform (triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp and sample and hold), as well as a random noise CV. The footpedal voltage control can be programmed for user-selected heel and toe voltages. You also get preset voltage levels, and LFO signals are scalable and can be synced to MIDI clock, tap tempo, each other, or free-running.

    Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal Foot Controller Features:

    Five modes of operation
    Optical foot controller
    Four footswitches (momentary)
    Four LEDs, one for each footswitch.16x2 character LCD (gray background, transflective, white LED backlight)
    Rotary Encoder with push switch (VALUE, CURSOR)
    Two momentary switches near LCD / Encoder (EDIT, STORE)
    USB Port (MIDI over USB)
    One MIDI In (DIN connector)
    One MIDI Out (DIN connectors)
    Four CV (Control Voltage) Out 1/4" connectors (selectable between -5V to 5V or 0V to 5V)
    Power in (wall mount power supply included)
    The Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal puts control of your Moog synth at your feet!

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    hey buddy,
    is it still for sale?