SOLD MTD 635-FL Flame Redwood - Free Shipping

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    Holiday Price Drop + still free shipping!

    I truly hate to let this go, but I just can’t afford to keep another bass right now. Grad school payments beckon...

    I’ve had her for about 6 months and it’s been a great ride:) I’ll include links to a tone demo and I have a detailed, video once-over of the bass if you’re interested.

    here is the main sale thread with the best pics and most info:
    TRADED - MTD 635-24 Fretless Incredible Flame Redwood

    Flame Redwood Top/African Mahogany Body
    Maple neck/lined fretless Macassar Ebony FB
    Matching Peghead and trussrod cover, beautiful wenge backplate
    Original, excellent condition Bart electronics
    Standard MTD 18mm bridge
    Incredible neck profile
    Free CONUS shipping(case by case INTL)

    there is “wear” on FB from roundwounds, but it isn’t deep enough to feel. More like surface marks that light sanding will take care of. I wouldn’t bother since roundwounds sound so good on this. Keep your fingers still and the fretted MTD tone is unmistakable. Change your plucking a bit or add some vibrato and the “muah” seeps out...

    a few small dings that are in photos, but it’s incredibly clean for 15 yrs old. I’ve seen 5 year old MTDs that look “older”

    I’ll consider 4/5 string PJ basses + cash, but other than that it’s only a sale.

    Tone Demo:

    5A71D0A5-67F0-45F1-995D-F19E9173D384.jpeg C69B3456-A6F4-4DCD-94FE-96E4118D537B.jpeg F61313EF-D0B1-4B1E-956C-4F47CDD2882A.jpeg 75ABF491-6E08-4F24-A3A4-B0A8B68C5477.jpeg 8AD36F8D-1D6F-4798-AC1D-280F9812A8FB.jpeg AAEF17B1-EFEC-44E0-B2C6-42C7C1973DA5.jpeg C591D2DF-8C71-4DFB-AE14-88AE2F297CEE.png CCBA2173-9CE7-4736-9369-05BBB311E22C.png 7BABBB8A-8A8E-4EA1-912B-69A05BBCA9A7.png 496115AE-A3B3-424F-A7B4-69355B5DCDE3.png 9FBC5DF7-9BB4-41CB-8D24-C66BBD6E2EAE.png 4D822DC5-98DA-48BD-BE42-A89CE8415398.png 635B5E86-27E1-4327-A415-AF07F3327F7A.png 6AD9DB00-34D3-4077-962A-852442EA49D4.png CD31227C-720A-47A4-A156-6F88CDDC02ED.jpeg BCAEC6E6-52AD-4B4B-8620-4131AA920D80.jpeg 292EF8EB-3066-4F0F-A75F-7EB0890295A3.jpeg A93B6BEF-9C38-4080-9702-76293A3E3892.jpeg 24528B42-6719-4693-9811-F90EE1833E4E.png
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