MTD Michael Tobias Designs Bass - $300

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  1. MTD Bass, 34" scale, made in Korea, humbucking pickup, passive system. I believe this is an early Kingston Artist. Currently have flat wounds on it. There is a nick on the neck at about fret three (see picture) but does not affect my playing. The Eight Ball on the back is a sticker, easily removed.
    Great bass, with a great setup. .o95"-.104" at the 17th fret and .014 relief at 8th fret. This design has the Buzz Feiton - zero fret system. Perfect intonation. No gig bag or case.

    Shipping extra.[/ATTACH]

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  2. Junglerog


    Mar 16, 2012
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    That's an old Artist mate, I've got a 5 string version of this bass.
  3. Thanks for the correction. A friend gave it to me and though I play bass I just don't have a need and I was not sure of the model.
  4. It now has round wounds on it.
  5. I should mention the pickup is passive.