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    Apr 29, 2013
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    New J Bass

    I'm usually doing custom "build to order" drop tops or crate tops (see more at or facebook Grove Guitars and Basses). I had some requests for J bass bodies and needed to develop templates. With a brand new WD Music body in hand I selected other medium / high end parts with the goal of making this bass nicer than the USA Standard J bass for the same or less money.

    - Stunning birds-eye neck with an ebony board.
    - Nitrocellulose lacquer over antique maple & vintage amber stain
    - Hipshot USA Ultralight machines
    - TusqXL nut (1-1/2")
    - Hipshot USA Bridge (with rollers that also adjust side to side)
    - Kent Armstrong USA Full Fusion - Hot vintage Jazz set
    - built with std strap buttons, will add Schaller straplocks upon request.
    - Includes a Gator Lightweight case ($80 value), TKL hardcase available as a $40 upgrade.

    Everything is brand new / mint. Plastic is still on the guard, pickup covers and machines.

    $1000 + actual shipping. Satisfaction promise is that bass may be returned in "as shipped" condition for a full refund. It's a rockin' unit, new owner should be very happy.

    This is my first TalkBass classified (hopefully I'm doing it right).

    Phone calls welcome 7am~10pm (eastern time zone)

    Scott Smail
    Grove Guitars & Basses
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