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SOLD NS Design CR4 Radius Amber Satin Modified-Passive-Tone Headless 4-String Electric Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Warren Anderson, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Warren Anderson

    Warren Anderson

    Jan 22, 2016
    5 controls.JPG 1 front full.JPG

    Versatile, ergonomic, modern, so many innovative features. Good run-down including specs here: NS Design CR4 Radius Bass Guitar - Amber Satin, Fretted. This example features a rare quarter-sawn neck with lovely flame figure. Scale 34”, weight around 8#. The condition is like-new except for one ding on the treble lower bout rim next to the jack as shown in the picture. With the headless design and bridge tuners, strings can be changed in about 3-5min, saved and readily re-used! Easily match strings to genre or style.

    The two EMG humbucker pickups require power for the built-in low-noise pre-amps, and this system is 18V for greatest headroom, but I have modified the controls to a single passive tone, master volume and pickup pan. The original set-up used a pot to pan between piezo and mag pickups with a three-way selector switch between the mag pickups. I never cared for the piezo sound and removed the strip to get better contact between saddle and bridge. The beauty of EMG circuits is that all connections are labelled and assembled with plug-and-play jumpers so you can restore this to original 2-band active tone with piezo configuration as you wish.

    Included are:
    - 4 Allen wrenches and instruction manual
    - Spare battery cover and either counter-sunk screw or thumb screws (2)
    - All the original electronics (piezo strip, active bass and treble tone controls, three-way switches for piezo roll-off and mag pick-up F-B-R)
    - Additional swappable EMG jazz bridge PUP with mounting holes modified to fit cavity (volume and passive tone control that came with this PUP now installed in instrument)
    - GHS Precision Flatwounds now on bass, also included are GHS Brite Flats, GHS Pressurewounds (4-string set), and OEM D’Addario XLs.
    - Quality Cordura NS gig bag with soft lining and large accessory pocket

    Price includes shipping in CONUS and PayPal fee.

    2 front body.JPG 3 back full.JPG 4 back body.JPG 6 headstock front.JPG 7 headstock back.JPG 8 ding.JPG 9 battery covers.JPG 10 cavity.JPG 11 electronics extras.JPG 12 strings.JPG 13 bag front.JPG 14 bag back.JPG
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