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For Sale Old German made hybrid bow

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bows' started by arlyn, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. arlyn

    arlyn Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2011
    An interesting old bow with no makers mark, most likely coming from Germany, petit, almost baroque style tip that has just been repaired with ebony. Large French style frog, 35mm tall (typical French frog would be 28-29mm).
    Can be played overhand or underhand.
    Playing length of hair is 56cm which is typical for German bow. Has fresh hair and a huge beautiful sound that starts immediately when the bow is pulled. The kind of sound you would expect from a top quality bow.
    Stick is round and strong!! On the heftier side, weighing 150g.
    If you are playing with a gut string period set up this is the bow you want!
    ECBF4442-DC30-4B2C-A769-AD30D4E3FD11.jpeg B87EBD7F-EDCB-4837-83B9-3C71005DA7D4.jpeg
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