SOLD P-bass NECK 4-string 20 fret Maple w/black binding & blocks - full specs

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    Price: $85.00
    Shipping to US Only: $12.00
    7029327-cac12a6a1ee85307dfe243b718e9354b.jpg PNeck6.JPG 7029340-050544979b29657868d3eb0d2e21bca3.jpg

    This is a new P bass neck manufactured in China, and brought in as a sample test unit for use on a parts bass. A standard Fender-compatible neck heel should be 2.500 inches in width to fit the neck pocket. The width on this neck is 2.538”, which is .038” wide, and will require either widening the neck pocket on your bass body, or shaving that amount off the neck sides.

    The dimensions on the neck heel have a slight taper as you go up the neck. The measurement 2” from the end of the heel is 2.486”, compared to the end of the heel, which is 2.538 – which is .052” taper.

    The features of black inlay blocks and black binding around the edges makes this a very desirable style that compares to Fender Squier necks in the $200+ range.

    The neck thickness at the first fret at .860” is in the normal size range for a P bass neck.

    The right lower edge of the heel has a small run in the gloss coat. This remains untouched, and can be sanded smooth if desired.

    The neck has been set flat using a notched fret guide, and will be shipped that way. The frets have not been filed or sanded, and remain untouched from the factory. The fret ends are smooth, with no sharp edges.

    No delays waiting for an overseas shipment – located in Fayetteville, TN. Ships out next business day.

    20 frets

    Tuner hole .675/17.5mm

    Nut width 1.658 / 42.12mm

    Heel width 2.538 / 64.40mm

    Heel width 2 inches from end – 2.486

    Truss rod - at head

    Finish – gloss on neck and fingerboard

    Fingerboard length – 24”
    Total length 33-1/4”

    Total weight 30.3 ounces / 1.89 pounds

    Neck thickness at 1st fret - .860”

    Fret width .110
    Fret height .46

    Heel Thickness 1.094

    Frets have been checked with a fret leveler, and all look level, with no rocking anywhere detected.

    Truss rod works fine, with no issues. 4mm allen wrench socket

    NOTE: Every attempt has been made to fully describe and show this neck so you can make an informed purchase. Once it ships to you, it's yours.

    This is not a drop-in replacement for a Fender standard neck, and will require custom fitting.

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