SOLD Parts Bin Clearout! Make an Offer! Ibanez Bridge, Tuners, Pickups, MK-1 Preamp Knobs

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  1. Thud Staff

    Thud Staff Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    $35 OBO takes it all! Shipping is $10 in CONUS! Took these off a defunct Ibanez SR605.

    • Bridge: 16.5mm string spacing. This is a really nice bridge, designed by Gotoh, matte black finish. Looks new. Mount screws included.
    • Tuners: 3 bass side, 2 treble side. Designed by Gotoh, matte black finish. Look new. Mount screws included.
    • Bartolini MK-1 pickups, bridge and neck. Some wear on the face/tops. Fully functional. Mount screws included.
    • Ibanez 3 band Preamp, with switchable mids. Can’t remember the switch points, but want to say 500 and 1K (?).
    • Knobs: 3 small and 2 large; fit solid and split shafts
    • Neck screws and washers, black finish
    • Strap buttons, black finish (look used).
    • Flat top, polished aluminum Tele style knobs: set screw, fits solid and spline shafts.
    • Oversized Gotoh strap buttons, black (brand new).
    • (1X) Nut: Tusq, curved bottom, 1.5” wide
    • (2X) Nut: plastic, flat bottom, 1.5” wide
    • Noll Electronic “no load” blend pot: brand new, in package, with install instructions.
    • 1 capacitor, .047 mfd
    • (2X) black aluminum pointer knobs, 3/8” diameter; fits solid or spline, dual set screw
    • Headless headpiece, 5 String; polished chrome over brass; metric screws. Approximately 1-11/16” L x 5/8” W x 3/8” T
    Prefer PayPal. I ship quickly. This is all ready to go.

    image.jpg 8799D357-4FF6-43BA-8DC2-26AE1D223634.jpeg 3C478B76-ED5F-418B-A198-DECAF26AB2D1.jpeg F4C05FD6-459B-4FB3-8DE4-571AACE3470D.jpeg 3EC08B13-61A1-4611-A374-0276DABBD7AF.jpeg F27B635D-9EB4-4A77-9ADE-26FB192129AF.jpeg 36492A31-7BF2-4AC5-A678-25E838813BB5.jpeg 3F1ABB69-F755-4F6C-8690-4EF54D4D16ED.jpeg 239277FA-3B29-4133-94D0-C220632DC223.jpeg B39AEFCD-8E82-4B76-8B59-81DA6455A5EA.jpeg
  2. Shawn Sweeney

    Shawn Sweeney

    Dec 13, 2017
    Pm sent
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