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    Due to the new IRS reporting requirements for PayPal transactions, cumulative transactions totaling more than $600/year, these items are up for trade only. Some trade interests may be Italia 4" straps, Dunlop strap locks, flat wounds, Line 6 TBP12 transmitter, Steinberger XL2 strap buttons, or pretty much anything else interesting. If you are interested in an item or multiple items just let me know your trade offers, I'll consider anything.

    1. Original '87 Steinberger XL2 bridge top plate - I purchased a NOS DB top plate to replace this on my XL2 and no longer have a need for it. It has lost some of its black coating in spots but is solid as a rock. Trade value - $130



    2. Haz Labs active preamp for a USA Steinberger bass - I had this in my XL2 but then came across a vintage passive preamp that I swapped it out for. Works perfectly. Trade value - $200



    3. 2006 Fender American Deluxe Precision preamp - Pulled directly out of a working FADP. Trade value - $135



    4. Early 90's EMG-HB5P active pickups - These were pulled out of a working early 90's USA Steinberger Q5 bass. Trade value - $120


    5. Leo Quan Badass Bass III bridge - Trade value - $55



    6. A 4 String Bridge - I believe it is an old Hipshot bridge maybe from a Carvin bass. Trade value - $20



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