SOLD Peavey Brian Bromberg B Quad Bass

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    The Balance

    Feb 10, 2015
    Front Body DSCN0199.JPG Rear Body DSCN0198.JPG full front DSCN0193.JPG Full Bass rear DSCN0191.JPG headstock DSCN0205.JPG Graphite Neck and Headstock rear DSCN0196.JPG Peavey's top of the line bass in the early '90's.

    Graphite neck

    18 volt electronic preamp that has both magnetic and piezo pickups which can be used independently or mixed

    The VFL Humbucking pickups can be adjusted to run in stereo mode with separate dual outputs and each string can be panned to one or the other stereo outputs for unique effects.

    Includes original case.

    Very clean, with one small chip on the headstock.
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