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Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by happycamper, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. happycamper

    happycamper Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Hey all! Thinking about a fresh start with my pedals so i thought id let you filthy animals have first pick before i turn to CL. All include shipping to the great 48. I will consider other cash offers and am also up for trades (list at the bottom)!
    From top left to right then bottom left to right.

    VT bass DI- classic. lots of info on this one out there. Comes with original tin and manual-sold

    TC electronic flashback- mostly got it for the loop function. Tine print can be fun-sold

    Boss CEB3- Missing 2 knobs and a bit dusty but works like a charm-sold

    Bass balls- internal trim pots give more flexibility than it gets credit for -traded

    Eve Tremolo- small! Rechargeable ion battery. Has internal volume trim pot. i use it as a boost when i dont need the trem. Plays well before the bass balls -50

    BYOC Octave divided- hidden gem. Clone of the mu-tron octave divider. i didnt put this pedal together but it sounds great to me and works fine. Paint is chipping a bit KNOBS DO HAVE TROUBLE TURNING THOUGH. might be an easy fix, it just never bothered me really. -traded

    Diamond Bass Comp Jr.- This was my final compressor. Turns out, they are just not for me. Brand new, #40, with original box -175

    Shoegazer- Nice piece of Devi ever. In my option, its better on guitar than bass and i dont find my self playing it as much -sold

    DOD gunslinger-wonderful little pedal. Cheap, good low end and plenty of gain on tap. -40

    Dwarfcraft TGD- I hope this one doesnt sell... chainsaw birds, loud. -105

    Pelican NoiseWorks half horse: versatile little guy. Took a chance on this guy and it was actually surprisingly good. Could get nice dark fuzz sounds along with Velcro-ish fuzz. Again, i think its better on a guitar and bass but its a gun little guy. -sold

    Trades im interested in! I am willing to go + or - cash too. I would prefer some of this gear over cash so they will have priority.

    Due to a recent ebay steal and a trade, i feel my fuzz/od needs are met for now :)

    -i like a lot of catalinbread stuff too. Harmonic mesmerizer or a echorec are at the top of my list for now.

    I am also open to others. Im looking for strange unique pedals as well so dont be afraid throw something weird my way! Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.

    20180911_092525.jpg 20180911_092525.jpg
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  2. BassBeginer64

    BassBeginer64 Supporting Member

    Aug 6, 2018
    Riverside Ca
    PM sent
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