SOLD Pensa Custom Jazz 4 string

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    I hate to do it, but I'm selling my Pensa Custom Jazz bass. I bought this new at Rudy' Music Stop in NYC in 2011, but I just haven't played it much in the last few years.

    This is a VERY nice instrument, and it's been very well cared for.

    Looking to get $3,350 + shipping (or local pickup in the Boston, MA area), and I'm willing to trade for an F Bass BNF5.

    2020-02-08 12.58.51.jpg

    2020-02-08 12.52.32.jpg

    2020-02-08 12.54.23.jpg

    2020-02-08 12.53.11.jpg

    4-string, 34" scale
    Weight: 8lb 11oz
    Jazz Bass style ash body with sunburst finish
    21 fret maple neck
    Maple fingerboard w/ abalone dot inlays
    Gold hardware
    Lindy Fralin split jazz bass pickups
    Pensa active preamp (with active/passive and series/parallel push-pulls on the first two knobs)
    Made in USA
    Reunion Blues gig bag included

    Blemishes / Wear

    There are a few minor dings on the back of the body and some white marks at the end of the headstock. Other than that, and some minor (typical) tarnish on the gold hardware, this bass is pretty much in pristine condition.

    2020-02-08 12.53.21.jpg
    2020-02-08 12.55.36.jpg

    2020-02-08 12.53.02.jpg

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    Pm’s sent
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    Reggie Parker!
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  4. Some Holy Grail stuff right here! Sheeeesh
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