SOLD Phil Jones Bass C2 Cabinet

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    Phil Jones C2 bass cabinet in mint condition. I’ve only used at home - pet/smoke free. This cabinet is small (16lbs) but handles 200 watts and delivers amazing bass sound - louder than expected in a small package. I purchased this from Parkway Music 3/22 - I can provide the receipt. Changing my setup to a combo, otherwise I’d be keeping. I’d prefer a local sale (Albany area) but will ship CONUS only splitting the cost - my share up to $25. Let me know if any questions. Thanks.

    62E50AF7-8D74-439D-BF8B-8022450DA229.jpeg C3642DCB-088B-42CA-8F05-8797290E89F1.jpeg F7425AD8-6A5C-4112-A195-38795B28D3C5.jpeg 90C251E0-4654-49E4-932D-A1F03B9026E5.jpeg 7FDD9CCA-53AF-4D01-A8F7-FD3179AD5E81.jpeg F0C2519B-B2AF-4C09-9BCB-F14662DCF56D.jpeg
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    Missed this ....was looking for one.