SOLD Pickups (Aguilar, EMG Hz) and preamp (Tone Pump)

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    Nov 22, 2004
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    Couple things on the block-

    Set of EMG 40Hz pickups from a Spector Rebop 5. Logo is a bit faded on one, but they still function perfectly, sounds really good, and have plenty of lead left. Asking SOLD.

    20180409_161350.jpg 20180409_161359.jpg

    Aguilar DCB G4 (EMG 40 size), pulled from my Spector Legend Neck-thru. Look good, sound good, just not my cup of tea. SOLD

    20180409_161257.jpg 20180409_161306.jpg

    Trim pot Tone Pump preamp, also pulled from my Spector Rebop. Not a bad pre, just not my thing. Currently wearing a set of EMG volume pots, but can easily throw in the original pots, for use with passive pickups. Also have a stereo barrel jack that goes with it, which isn't pictured. Asking SOLD.


    Open to trades, especially EMG 40/ 40X pickups of most flavors, or other stuff like effects pedals. Shipping included to ConUS only, and I prefer not to ship internationally. PM me with questions/ offers. Thanks!
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    PM's sent

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