SOLD PRICE DROP! 1999 Ken Smith BSR5GN 5 String Neck Thru Bass

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    This 1999 Ken Smith BSR5GN 5 String Neck Thru Bass was purchased by me late in 2015 and has been used only three times on gigs. Much to my surprise, I prefer my Lakland USA 55-94 to the Smith, although this bass sounds great and plays fantastically. This is the model before Smith changed preamp to 18v and added dip switches.

    I have lowered price by $500 and will consider a trade straight up for a Lakland USA Hollowbody or other USA Lakland.

    IMG_9746.jpg IMG_9799.jpg IMG_9511.jpg IMG_9937.jpg IMG_9756.jpg IMG_9523.jpg I've included pics of the few spots that show some wear: near both pickups where thumb rests, near control knobs, and a spot on the back where, although it is almost invisible to the naked eye, there is some "pebbling," from what I assume to be a buckle rubbing against the finish. However, since it is an oil finish, there is no lacquer to be scraped off. Some minor expected wear on the fretboard from previous owner's roundwounds. Frets are excellent. The bass is now strung with Sadowsky flats, which I prefer, but I will include a set of Smith nickel rounds with purchase. Weight is 9.8 lbs. Includes original Smith hardshell case, also in excellent condition and a strap with straplocks that fit the embedded Smith receivers.

    Shipping $60 flat rate to continental US. SORRY, NO OVERSEAS SALES.

    I prefer payment by cashier's or other bank check but will accept Paypal if that is your only option. Will ship within 5 days of payment.

    Check my sales record and feedback on TB under McCartneyman and on Ebay under Revolver323.
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