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    Thank you for looking at this one owner bass. My Good friend and long time teacher is selling due to health reasons to cover medical deductibles. He ordered this 7 string neck thru Elrick around 12 years ago when he worked at Bass Northwest.
    The bass has a mahogany core with Koa wings. Bass is finished in a light natural oil and is in near perfect condition. Ebony board, 35 " scale, 19mm spacing. The owner lightly sanded the back of the neck and I have to say the neck and fingerboard are pretty spectacular to play.
    Bart electronics and 9 volt pre-amp. The only flaw I can detect is a very faint scratch on the back of the bass, just above and to the right of the control cavity screw in the close up picture of the bass published here. You have to look hard to see it, very faint and I doubt you would notice it if it was not pointed out. Electronics function flawlessly, frankly this bass is a monster tone wise. In truth the bass has had very little use through it's life and is for all intent like new. I am sure having Rob Elrick build another one of these would not be cheap. I tried to find another example, I think this is a pretty rare bass.
    Bass ships with Elrick gig bag, cost includes fedex insured shipping in the CONUS. I have sold a few basses here on Talkbass and dozens of high end basses on Ebay- I don't have unhappy customers and only deal in nice instruments. This is no exception. PayPal or cashier's check please. Please reach out with questions anytime. No trades please. Thank you for looking! IMG_3221.JPG IMG_3221.JPG IMG_3222.JPG IMG_3224.jpg IMG_3221.JPG IMG_3222.JPG IMG_3223.jpg IMG_3224.jpg IMG_3225.jpg IMG_3226.jpg

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    Jun 11, 2017
    nice bass
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