For Sale *Price Drop* Multiple EHX pedals and a few others

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    Jan 20, 2006
    Clearing out my pedal collection.

    EHX stereo memory man with Hazarai $125 $150: Comes with box and ac adapter. No manual.

    Tech21 SansAmp bass driver $115 $130: Comes with box and manual.

    SOLD EHX stereo electric mistress $70 $80: Comes with my box, ac adapter and manual.

    EHX Holy Grail reverb $65 $75: Comes with ac adapter. No box or manual.

    EHX bass big muff pi $50 $60: Comes with ac adapter, manual and box.

    Boss bass overdrive OBD-3 $50 $60: Just the pedal included.

    EHX small clone (not in picture below) $40: Just the pedal included.

    Fender PT-100 tuner 30$: Just the pedal included.

    All pedals have some wear from usage. The price includes shipping within CONUS. I will accept Paypal. Thanks for looking!
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  2. The ODB-3 is SO underrated. GLWTS.
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