SOLD Promethean 3110 Combo 300 Watt Amp

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    I purchased this about 15 months ago and used it maybe 6 times! I bought it with the intent to leave it at my friends house (non smoking, no pets) so that we could play together frequently, but we were unable to connect as much as we would have liked to. I am going to just bring my PJ portable as time allows and want to let someone else have a shot with this beast! It’s 300 watts of boom for a small combo, one of the most powerful I have played for its size. It would have been in mint condition if I hadn’t just hit the back corner of the cabinet on my hatchback putting while putting it in my car, see picture. It’s in almost new condition and sounds great.

    The $250 includes shipping to the CONUS, will need to add $20 for anything West of the Mississippi as rates are ridiculous to the West Coast right now.
    Not really looking for trades but always willing to listen?


    10" woofer
    HF dome tweeter with passive crossover
    3-band EQ
    Phat control
    High-quality peak limiting circuit
    Auxiliary input (1/8")
    Balanced line out (XLR)
    Phones out (1/8")
    2307207B-6599-41A9-860C-873DCFB4FD2A.jpeg 50E7CBB7-D367-43FC-86D5-9F02F54C47F8.jpeg B1581530-1B41-40EC-A57B-D4FBD1D8E28E.jpeg DCD1F70E-F72A-4B10-86D5-796066974E64.jpeg CEC633A1-3971-442B-B61C-620D04B87353.jpeg E2F21AA7-9F40-4F5D-B5F7-DD13D49EDD32.jpeg 254CB4A7-2C63-4323-9FE4-F4AA974EE392.jpeg 2C285985-E312-42C2-8A94-08D2B7F2AED0.jpeg
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