SOLD Red Witch ZEUS Bass Fuzz And Suboctave

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    May 8, 2017
    58B5A25F-F132-4CBC-8B1C-49F23DACDDC5.jpeg Red Witch Zeus Bass And Guitar Fuzz Sub octave Effect Pedal.

    Has Velcro installed but I can take it off if requested.

    Can get REALLLL synth bassy with modulation effects! (Chorus,flanger,phaser)

    Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

    Great pedal for bass and guitar

    This pedal can get all kinds of cool sounds from subby Boss Oc-2, MXR Bass Octave, Woolly mammoths type tones, to even combining them all together!

    Condition is excellent to near mint has only been used handful of times

    Comes with all original packaging

    Will ship fast and safe

    $135 shipped

    Here’s description from Red Witch:

    Featuring two pedals in one, the Zeus offers the player a silicon fuzz (comprising key features of the much loved Fuzz God II) as well as a beautiful analog suboctave.

    Use either effect independently or simultaneously – they each have their own true bypass stomp switch. Dial as little or as much of each effect in with the two mix controls.

    Capable of generating anything from a distant rumble to an all out subterranean cataclysm, the Fuzz section works beautifully with or without the analog suboctave – which, as a result of being analog rather than digital, has a fantastic, tactile springyness with extremely good tracking.

    Designed specifically for bass players – so no low end roll off, plus..... you are able to blend the effected sound with your unadulterated dry sound!

    Imagine Geezer Butler rampaging through the jungle, barebacked on a huge elephant, crushing hapless pygmies willy nilly.

    Yes. All that. And a whole lot more.


    • Independent Analog Fuzz and Octave for bass

    • Independent wet/ dry mix for each

    • Internal master volume trimmers for fuzz and octave

    • Ultra Unique design – nothing like this on the market

    • Full frequency response

    • True Bypass Switching


    Current draw: 43ma

    Weight: 385 grams

    Dimensions: 118mm x 38mm x 94mm

  2. Bought one of these recently, really fantastic pedal. Whoever buys this will be very pleased!
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